Save the Date: Post Seat Holder Elections on September 13!

It’s time to re-elect some of our Post Seat Holders (PSH) and elect new ones per our bylaws. Every 2 years after the general primary election, half of our PSH seats are up for election. This year all even-numbered post seats are up for re-election. This will be done by caucus on September 13 at our regular business meeting.

Post Seat Holders are an integral component of the Fulton County Democratic Party. They have several vital functions within the FCDP:

  • They are the group responsible for voting on the Executive Committee positions (Chair, Vice chair, etc.) that serve two year terms. Executive Committee elections are going to be held in either November or December of 2018.

  • They are the group that votes on motions proposed during the FCDP business meetings.

  • They are some of the most active members of our local voter and public outreach activities.

You can see our current PSHs as well as their district and seat number here:

If you would like to run for one of the PSH seats you must show up on September 13 at the FCDP regular business meeting at 7:00 pm in the IBEW Auditorium at 501 Pulliam Street, SW, Atlanta 30312. Please also fill out this google form here:

Post seat holders’ dues are $25/year in addition to the regular FDCP membership dues of $25/year. This comes out to a total of $50/year that we ask PSH to contribute. If you have any difficulty with dues and would like them waived please contact the Membership Chair, Sean Calahan.

The duties of PSHs according to the bylaws are:

Article III, Section 5: Roles and Responsibilities of FCDPC Members (“Committee Members”). All Committee Members are expected to maintain a membership in good standing each year. Committee Members are expected to attend all business meetings and notify the Membership Chair when they cannot attend. Committee Members are expected to participate in FCDPC activities and provide leadership within their own neighborhoods and regular spheres of influence to further the goals of the FCDPC.

We look forward to seeing you all in September!