Republican Tax Bill

Republican Tax Bill

Congressional Republicans are surging forward with a tax plan that could be disastrous to our nation. Due to their lack of governing in the past year, they are driven to pass any legislation of significance so they can go fly home and say, “Look! We did something for you!” And unfortunately, if this new tax plan passes, we know who the “you” is. It is those of us who are not sitting in our multi-million dollar homes, collecting our multi-million dollar paychecks each year. According to a reliable analysis of the bill, the burden of payments for cuts benefitting the extremely wealthy and corporate America will rest on the shoulders of working folks who make below $75,000 per year. The Right’s assumption is that lessening corporate taxes will boost the economy and produce revenue. To achieve this, the economy must grow at a rate approaching 4%, an amount not reached since 2000. The last time 4% growth happened was during the Clinton presidency. And tax decreases on the wealthy and corporate world did not drive those numbers. During the 1980s, when Reagan passed the same basic plan with the same basic assumptions, it soon fell apart. Back then it was called “Trickle Down” economics. And who called it that? George H W Bush! Reagan disciples don’t often mention that when our national revenue slowed to a trickle, Reagan, to his and his advisors’ credit, raised taxes. This tax plan has been tried, it doesn’t work and the majority of Americans know it doesn’t.

And, as if the bill from the House is not treacherous enough, the Senate has inserted a provision that would eliminate the Obamacare mandate that everyone is required to buy insurance or pay a fine. This key piece keeps healthy people in the market, thereby balancing out those who need healthcare more often. If this stays in the bill, millions of people will lose or choose to lose their healthcare. The repercussions of this will be far-reaching, starting with increased premiums.

Some issues confronting us are hard to grasp and understand the immediacy of the impact. This is not one of those times. So what is there to do? Many things. Call your Senator and tell them what you think. (put local and national phone numbers here). Write them online. (put emails to Perdue and Isakson here). Put a sign in your yard, even if it’s done by hand. Speak up in your groups. At least do one of these. If you can call every day, do it if you can write every day, do it.

With the recent election results in Virginia and other states, we know that Democrats are finding their voice. Find yours. The path forward for our country is better visualized through the eyes of progressive leaders and policies. Help make that path one all of us can walk down, and not a path for only the wealthy and corporate CEOs.

The latest studies show just how much our nation is becoming a tale of two classes. Democrats want to give everyone a chance to improve their lives. This Republican tax bill is not part of a path to that chance. Help reject this policy and mindset.

Find your voice. Call. Write. Get involved. Today.