Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We need people like you to get involved to move our mission forward! Here are a couple ways you can get involved now:

Join us at a meeting. Find out when the next meeting is.

Donate today to help push our mission forward

County wide business meetings are held at 7:00 every second Thursday of the month. Check our Events page for location. Come at 6:30 PM for refreshments and to mingle with other passionate Fulton County Democrats

Regional meetings are also held throughout the month. Check out your regional chapter page for regional meeting info.

County business meetings are for all regions to get together to hear speakers, get party updates and push the overall Fulton Democrats mission forward.

Regional meetings tackle specific regional issues and focus on the tactical details.

North Fulton: North of I285 and the Sandy Springs area

Mid Fulton: South of Sandy Springs and North of I20

South Fulton: South of I20

We encourage candidates to attend our county meetings and tell us what you’re all about! Check our Events page, and reach out to the regional chair or county chair for the meeting you’d like to attend.

You can reach out to our chair Lewanna Tucker at lewannaheard@hotmail.com

We hope so but if not, we have you covered! Head to our voter info page and click “Check your registration status”

Yes! Head to our voter info page and click “Find your early voting locations”

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