FCDP on the Magistrate Court Changes

FCDP on the Magistrate Court Changes

As the Fulton County Democratic Party (FCDP), we stand firm in our commitment to uphold the democratic principles that form the bedrock of our community and nation. It has come to our attention that lawmakers in the Georgia legislature have recently proposed a resolution that seeks to alter the nature of the Chief Magistrate position in Fulton County, changing it from an elected role to an appointed one. We oppose this resolution and wish to express our concerns, backed by the insights drawn from recent comprehensive assessments of the Fulton County Magistrate Court.

The Chief Magistrate’s role is pivotal in our justice system, impacting the lives of our citizens daily. Transforming this crucial position from an elected to an appointed one undermines the democratic process and effectively silences the voice of Fulton County’s residents. Such a move would strip our community of the power to choose who presides over critical civil and criminal matters, a fundamental democratic right that should not be tampered with. This change is not merely procedural; it represents a significant shift in how justice is administered and perceived in our community, leaning dangerously towards a form of voter suppression.

We propose the following recommendations to empower the court system in our post-COVID climate, ensuring it serves our community effectively and reasonably:

  1. Investment in Human Resources: The court needs more staff. We advocate for immediate funding to create full time permanent Judicial Assistant for each Judge, support for staff attorneys, and fully trained call center agents.
  2. Technological Advancements: The court system must keep pace with technological advancements in our digital age. We support the transition to an entirely paperless environment, the implementation of court-wide e-filing, and the strategic planning of technology to enhance service delivery and access to justice.
  3. Structural Reorganization: The current structure, where the Magistrate Clerk’s Office is not separate from the Superior Court Clerk’s Office, has led to inefficiencies and reduced productivity. We endorse separating these entities to streamline operations and improve service quality for our citizens.
  4. Collaborative Leadership and Training: The court system’s efficacy relies heavily on the synergy between its components. We recommend the implementation of shared Business Process Mapping, professional services for team synergy, leadership training, and the establishment of Performance Measurement and Management systems.


As the Fulton County Democratic Party, we believe that these measures, rooted in the principles of transparency, efficiency, and public service, will enhance the functioning of our court system. More importantly, these improvements can and should be achieved without compromising the democratic process of electing our Chief Magistrate.

We urge the lawmakers and the citizens of Fulton County to reflect on the gravity of this proposed resolution and to stand with us in preserving the democratic process in the election of our Chief Magistrate. Let us focus our collective energies on constructive reforms that empower our judiciary without undermining the voice of our community.

Attend the Fulton County Board of Commissioners meeting in person at the Fulton County Government Center, Assembly Hall, 141 Pryor Street, NW, Atlanta, GA 30303. 

Social distancing is encouraged, and masks are optional. 

More information can be found by clicking here. The agenda for this meeting is available online by clicking here.

Location & Time:

Wednesday, January 24th, 2024, at 10 a.m.

Fulton County Government Center

Assembly Hall

141 Pryor Street, NW

Atlanta, GA 30303

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