State Committee Members

Democratic Party of Georgia State Committee Members are the voting body of the Democratic Party of Georgia. Every four years, each Democratic County Committee is responsible for electing members from their county. In Fulton County, members are elected from Fulton County Commission Districts 1-6. Procedures for electing these positions are described in the Democratic Party of Georgia by-laws. In accordance with our County Committee by-laws, only Fulton County Post Seat Holders are eligible to vote for these volunteer positions, but any Democrat who is registered to vote in, and a resident of, Fulton County may seek election to a position on the DPG State Committee. Volunteer terms are four years.


District 1: Sean Calahan; Terri Crawford; Lauren Higdon; Phil Lunney
District 2: Marley Brown; Zane Malas; Hope Mays
District 3: Ted Frankel; Bob Gibeling; Brandon Goldberg; Marc Schlather
District 4: Erica Pines; Jen Rafanan; Al Turnell
District 5: Lewanna Heard-Tucker; Gloria Jenkins; Patricia Lovett; Helen Willis
District 6: Damita Chatman; Aaron Johnson; Rodney Littles; Jaceey Sebastian