Fulton SCM Elections 2023 Qualifications (Officially Closed)

  • Be a registered voter in Fulton county

  • You do not have to be a post seat holder to qualify to run
  • We must verify your voter registration to allow you to run and be elected so we will be asking you to submit your legal name (name you registered to vote with) and address

  • The DPG also requires us to collect contact and other info from you, so you will be asked for things like email and phone number

Post Seat Holders will be able to vote in the election for the State Committee Seats.

Anything sent to vicechair@fultondems.org and requested shall be sent to the post seat holders on a qualified candidate’s behalf so long as it is received 7 days before the election on February 9th

  • We will use the 6 County Commission Districts just like we do for PSH’s because we must elect SCM’s in a geographically diverse and equitable way

    • Since 23 is not evenly divisible by 6, not all county commission districts will get the same number of elected SCM’s

    • 5 CCD’s will end up with 4 SCM’s, 1 CCD will have only 3 SCM’s

  • Everyone runs as one large pool of candidates

  • All PSH’s vote on all 23 positions for state committee per DPG bylaws

  • The highest vote getter will get the first position
  • The next highest vote getter of a different gender (unless there is no vote getter of a different gender) shall get the next position

  • Repeat #2 until one of two things happens

    • A CCD reaches 4 elected members, after this point all further candidates from that CCD will be dropped

    • All 23 positions have been awarded