Fulton County Deserves a Permanent Elections Director

Fulton County Deserves a Permanent Elections Director

We are pleased to announce that Nadine Williams has officially been appointed as the permanent Elections Director. After a rigorous hiring process, which faced numerous challenges, Ms. Williams stood out as the clear choice for the position.

Ms. Williams has a wealth of experience in the field of election administration, having served as the interim Elections Director for the past year. During this time, she has worked tirelessly to ensure that our elections are conducted in a fair, transparent, and accessible manner.

We believe that Ms. Williams is the right person for the job and we have full confidence in her ability to lead our elections division. Her dedication to democracy and her commitment to the voters are second to none.

As we move forward, we know that there will be challenges ahead. We are committed to working with Ms. Williams and her team to ensure that every voter has the opportunity to participate in free and fair elections.

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Ms. Williams on her appointment and to thank her for her continued service to the people. We look forward to working with her and to building a stronger, more equitable, and more just democracy for everyone.