Anyone Can Vote by Mail in Georgia – Here’s How

Anyone Can Vote by Mail in Georgia – Here’s How

Did you know that anybody can vote by mail in Georgia? You don’t need a reason, but you do need to fill out a form to request a ballot.

  1. Make sure that your voter registration is correct. You can check your status and registered address at the My Voter Page. If you need to make changes, you can quickly make updates online.
  2. Download this form from the Secretary of State’s website. Complete the form in full, including your signature at the bottom.
  3. Mail your application to Fulton County Registrar at 130 PEACHTREE STREET SW #2186, ATLANTA, GA 30303-3460. It’s best to get your ballot in the mail by the Friday before election day. You can check when your application is received on your My Voter Page.
  4. You will receive an absentee ballot in the mail, along with instructions and a return envelope. (The county registrars will begin mailing them out soon). Once you receive your ballot, complete it, making sure to put your address and date of birth on the outer envelope where indicated, and don’t forget to sign your ballot. When you mail your ballot back to your county registrar (address above), make sure to use two stamps. You can check to see when your ballot is received on your My Voter Page. Ballots must be received by Election Day in order to be counted.


Check out the Democratic Party of Georgia’s FAQ here.

Is voting by mail secure? Yes! You can track your ballot’s progress on your My Voter Page. You’ll see the date your ballot was mailed to you, the date it was received by the county registrar, and the date it was counted. The DPG also has a full-time Voter Protection Director who will have representatives on-site to watch ballot counts on election day (plus a team of lawyers to respond to any issues that may arise!).

What if I check My Voter Page and I don’t see my ballot received by the registrar? If your ballot hasn’t been received by the last day of early voting, call the county registrar (Fulton County: (404) 612-3816) and ask that they cancel your ballot, then go vote in person.

I’m not sure that my ballot will arrive at the registrar’s office by election day! What do I do? You can hand your ballot into the registrar yourself, or use one of the official dropboxes around Fulton county.

Why should I vote absentee? It’s an easy and verifiable form of voting. Plus, if any issues arise with your registration or ballot in the process of voting, the DPG will be able to help correct the issues so that your vote will still count by election day.

What if I have more questions? Call the Democratic Party of Georgia’s Voter Protection Hotline at 888-730-5816. They’re here to help, no matter how small your question may seem!