Your Absentee Ballot Package

Your Absentee Ballot Package

The current COVID-19 health crisis means that a lot of Georgians are voting by mail (or “absentee,” as it’s called) for the first time.

So you’ve requested your ballot and received a big envelope in the mail. You marked your choices on your ballot. Now what?

You should receive three items with your ballot:

  • Privacy sleeve
  • Instructions
  • Return envelope

But the instructions say to “securely seal the ballot in the smaller of the two envelopes provided”. But wait, you only see one envelope!

The “second envelope” is actually that folded in half sheet of paper that reads “OFFICIAL ABSENTEE BALLOT/BALLOT MUST BE ENCLOSED”. It’s more of a privacy sleeve.

Here’s what you should do:

  • Complete your ballot.
  • Fold the privacy sleeve around your ballot.
    • Your are not required to seal the privacy sleeve. But you can, if you would like.
  • Place the folded privacy sleeve with the ballot in the return envelope.
    • Note: The ballot will not be rejected, if the privacy sleeve is not included.
  • Complete the oath on the return envelope and place it in the mail to the County Registrar’s office.

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