State Party Convention Delegates to be Elected on August 9

On Saturday, August 25, 2018, the Democratic Party of Georgia will be hosting its 2018 State Convention in Atlanta at the Omni Hotel at CNN Center. This is the Party’s opportunity to showcase our amazing candidates and do other important things like adopt our Party platform.

That means that we need to elect delegates to represent us at the convention. This will be done at our regular business meeting on August 9th, 2018 at 7:00 PM at the IBEW building downtown. The ONLY requirement to qualify as a delegate is that one must be a registered voter and resident of Fulton County, GA. You do not need be a member or Post Seat Holder to run for these positions.

You can qualify as a candidate to be a delegate by showing up to the meeting on August 9th or by filling out this google form:

There are 40 open delegate seats and 20 alternate seats that will be open during this election. We will elect those seats in two different phases, each phase electing half. During the first phase, only Post Seat Holders will be able to vote. During the second phase, everyone at the meeting will be able to vote.

As more details about the convention become available, we will put them on the website and send them out via email.
Please contact with any questions.

Save the Date: Post Seat Holder Elections on September 13!

It’s time to re-elect some of our Post Seat Holders (PSH) and elect new ones per our bylaws. Every 2 years after the general primary election, half of our PSH seats are up for election. This year all even-numbered post seats are up for re-election. This will be done by caucus on September 13 at our regular business meeting.

Post Seat Holders are an integral component of the Fulton County Democratic Party. They have several vital functions within the FCDP:

  • They are the group responsible for voting on the Executive Committee positions (Chair, Vice chair, etc.) that serve two year terms. Executive Committee elections are going to be held in either November or December of 2018.

  • They are the group that votes on motions proposed during the FCDP business meetings.

  • They are some of the most active members of our local voter and public outreach activities.

You can see our current PSHs as well as their district and seat number here:

If you would like to run for one of the PSH seats you must show up on September 13 at the FCDP regular business meeting at 7:00 pm in the IBEW Auditorium at 501 Pulliam Street, SW, Atlanta 30312. Please also fill out this google form here:

Post seat holders’ dues are $25/year in addition to the regular FDCP membership dues of $25/year. This comes out to a total of $50/year that we ask PSH to contribute. If you have any difficulty with dues and would like them waived please contact the Membership Chair, Sean Calahan.

The duties of PSHs according to the bylaws are:

Article III, Section 5: Roles and Responsibilities of FCDPC Members (“Committee Members”). All Committee Members are expected to maintain a membership in good standing each year. Committee Members are expected to attend all business meetings and notify the Membership Chair when they cannot attend. Committee Members are expected to participate in FCDPC activities and provide leadership within their own neighborhoods and regular spheres of influence to further the goals of the FCDPC.

We look forward to seeing you all in September!

Early Voting Has Started–Do You Know Where to Go?

Early voting has started for the July 24 election! There are limited locations where you can go to vote early. Take a look at the list below, or click here to enter your address on an interactive map to find your closest voting locations. If you’re registered in Fulton County, you can vote at any early voting location within the county. 

Early voting locations are open:
Monday, July 9th – Friday, July 13th from 8:30am to 5:00pm
Saturday, July 14th from 8:30am to 5:00pm
Monday, July 16th – Friday, July 20th 8:30am to 7:00pm

Not sure what’s on the ballot? Log into your My Voter Page to view sample ballots. If you voted in the May 22 primary election, you must request the same ballot (Republican or Democratic) in this election. If you did not vote in the May 22 primary election, you can choose whichever ballot you prefer.

Alpharetta Branch Library, 10 Park Plaza Alpharetta 30009
Buckhead Library, 269 Buckhead Avenue, NE Atlanta 30305
College Park Library, 3647 Main Street College Park 30337
C.T. Martin Natatorium and Recreation Center, 3201 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr., S.W., Atlanta 30311
Fulton County Government Center, 130 Peachtree Street, SW Atlanta 30303
Milton Library, 855 Mayfield Road, Milton 30009
North Fulton Service Center, (Room 232) 7741 Roswell Road Sandy Springs 30350
Northside Library, 3295 Northside Parkway, NW Atlanta 30327
Ponce De Leon Library, 980 Ponce De Leon Ave., NE Atlanta 30306
Robert E. Fulton Ocee Library, 5090 Abbotts Bridge Road Johns Creek 30005
Roswell Branch Library, 115 Norcross Street Roswell 30075
South Fulton Service Center, 5600 Stonewall Tell Road College Park 30349

On Election Day (July 24), you must vote at your assigned precinct. Visit your My Voter Page to see your assigned polling location.

Candidates, It’s Time to Qualify!

Candidates, It’s Time to Qualify!

When: Monday, March 5 to Thursday, March 8, 9 am to 5 pm and Friday, March 9, 9 am to 12 pm.

Where: IBEW 501 Pulliam St SW #400, Atlanta, GA 30312

Click here for more information.







In accordance with the Georgia Election Code Section 21-2-131, Fixing and publishing of qualification fees; manner of payment; distribution of fees paid, the following qualifying fees were set by the Fulton County Board of Commissioners for county offices to be filled in the upcoming primary or elections and elected by Fulton County voters in 2018:


Fulton County Office Qualifying Fee
State Court Judge $4,752.36
Chief Magistrate Judge $3,282.78
Fulton County Commission Chair $1,110.00
Fulton County Commission District 1 $1,050.00
Fulton County Commission District 3 $1,050.00
Fulton County Commission District 5 $1,050.00
Fulton County School Board District 2 $555.00
Fulton County School Board District 5 $555.00
Fulton County School Board District 6 $555.00
Fulton County School Board District 7 $555.00


Declaration of Candidacy and Affidavit

Qualifying Period:  March 5, 2018 (beginning at 9:00 A.M.) through 12:00 noon March 9, 2018, for a Political Party Candidate to file a Notice of Candidacy to have his/her name placed on the General Primary Ballot O.C.G.A. §21-2-153 (c)(1); and for a Non-Partisan Candidate to file a Notice of Candidacy to have his/her name placed on the General  Primary/Non-Partisan Ballot, O.C.G.A. §21-2-132, 21-2-172, 21-2-187.

The General Primary will be held on May 22, 2018 and the General Election will be held on November 6, 2018.

Republican Tax Bill

Republican Tax Bill

Congressional Republicans are surging forward with a tax plan that could be disastrous to our nation. Due to their lack of governing in the past year, they are driven to pass any legislation of significance so they can go fly home and say, “Look! We did something for you!” And unfortunately, if this new tax plan passes, we know who the “you” is. It is those of us who are not sitting in our multi-million dollar homes, collecting our multi-million dollar paychecks each year. According to a reliable analysis of the bill, the burden of payments for cuts benefitting the extremely wealthy and corporate America will rest on the shoulders of working folks who make below $75,000 per year. The Right’s assumption is that lessening corporate taxes will boost the economy and produce revenue. To achieve this, the economy must grow at a rate approaching 4%, an amount not reached since 2000. The last time 4% growth happened was during the Clinton presidency. And tax decreases on the wealthy and corporate world did not drive those numbers. During the 1980s, when Reagan passed the same basic plan with the same basic assumptions, it soon fell apart. Back then it was called “Trickle Down” economics. And who called it that? George H W Bush! Reagan disciples don’t often mention that when our national revenue slowed to a trickle, Reagan, to his and his advisors’ credit, raised taxes. This tax plan has been tried, it doesn’t work and the majority of Americans know it doesn’t.

And, as if the bill from the House is not treacherous enough, the Senate has inserted a provision that would eliminate the Obamacare mandate that everyone is required to buy insurance or pay a fine. This key piece keeps healthy people in the market, thereby balancing out those who need healthcare more often. If this stays in the bill, millions of people will lose or choose to lose their healthcare. The repercussions of this will be far-reaching, starting with increased premiums.

Some issues confronting us are hard to grasp and understand the immediacy of the impact. This is not one of those times. So what is there to do? Many things. Call your Senator and tell them what you think. (put local and national phone numbers here). Write them online. (put emails to Perdue and Isakson here). Put a sign in your yard, even if it’s done by hand. Speak up in your groups. At least do one of these. If you can call every day, do it if you can write every day, do it.

With the recent election results in Virginia and other states, we know that Democrats are finding their voice. Find yours. The path forward for our country is better visualized through the eyes of progressive leaders and policies. Help make that path one all of us can walk down, and not a path for only the wealthy and corporate CEOs.

The latest studies show just how much our nation is becoming a tale of two classes. Democrats want to give everyone a chance to improve their lives. This Republican tax bill is not part of a path to that chance. Help reject this policy and mindset.

Find your voice. Call. Write. Get involved. Today.

Vote for You – November 7

Vote for You – November 7

The issues that affect you are local…

In these uncertain times, there is one thing we know for sure and it is that the change we want starts in our neighborhoods. Challenges like…

  • Making sure the city of Atlanta is a place for everyone with affordable housing options for an economically diverse population of residents
  • Addressing our public transportation needs to make it easier for people to opt-out of traffic comfortably
  • Provide safe neighborhoods with fair, adequate,  and equitable access to public safety  for all of Atlanta’s neighborhoods

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We Demand Action on Climate Change

We Demand Action on Climate Change

There is one issue facing our nation, and indeed our world, that must be addressed. Climate change. As we have seen in recent weeks, nature has unleashed massive destruction and flooding on the mainland US and the Caribbean. Climate change may not be totally responsible for these and other weather incidents, but it certainly plays a vital part in their intensity amid the new climate normal. For sure, the Earth goes through cycles of warm and cool trends, and has for millions of years. During those millennia, the amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere has been the best indicator of a warming world. For the last 700,000 years, the atmospheric carbon dioxide was never more than 300 parts/million. In 1950, Earth crossed that line and never looked back. The vast amount of data accumulated by NASA and many other climatologists reveals the most likely perpetrator of this trend to be…us. Our industries have released more carbon than any natural cycle could ever do. And thus, climate change and all its consequences.

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Flipping the Outcome

Flipping the Outcome


As the dust still settles from our recent efforts to elect Jon Ossoff, perhaps we should reflect on the journey past, present and future. Even though the outcome left us dry-mouthed and often teary-eyed, we made immense progress. Local Democrat meetings that had previously drawn crowds of 15-30 saw a burst of interest that led to standing-room- only gatherings. This revealed the passion for our message and the messenger in a way that probably shocked Republicans who felt the district was a safe bet. So on that note, we can feel good about how the gap was significantly closed. But the gap still remains.

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Georgia Democrats press Isakson, Perdue to condemn Trump intel disclosure

Georgia Democrats press Isakson, Perdue to condemn Trump intel disclosure

Georgia Democrats press Isakson, Perdue to condemn Trump intel disclosure

Atlanta Journal-Constitution // Greg Bluestein

May 16, 2017


Georgia Democrats pressed Sens. Johnny Isakson and David Perdue to condemn President Donald Trump for revealing highly classified intelligence to Russian officials, reminding them they co-sponsored legislation that would sanction anyone who exercised “extreme carelessness” in handling confidential information.

Democratic Party of Georgia head DuBose Porter said Tuesday that Trump has “undermined the trust of our allies and imperiled our national security” and referred to legislation both Republicans sponsored in July 2016 that would strip security clearances for those who mishandle sensitive info. Read More