Proposed Updates to Our ByLaws – Vote May 9

Proposed Updates to Our ByLaws – Vote May 9

At the end of 2018, the Fulton County Democratic Party Committee created a bylaws committee to review our bylaws and recommend changes. After careful consideration, the committee now presents its proposed changes to the bylaws. Post Seat Holders will vote on these changes at the next business meeting on May 9. A quorum of 40% of Post Seat Holders is needed in order to hold a vote. Click here for a list of Post Seat Holders.

Many of the proposed edits will create consistency throughout the bylaws in formatting and naming conventions. There are also adjustments to the officer appointment timeline, as well as the quorum requirements.

Click here to view the proposed edits to our bylaws in their entirety.

Click here for an explanation of the changes and reasoning behind them.

Please email with any questions.